Green Infrastructure in Milan

The “Library of the trees” Park and the citizens

The new Piazza Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, new opportunities for use

Bad habits, cars return to the flower beds

Foliage, the colors of autumn

Leaf carpets – foliage

Indian summer in Valmalenco

Autumn colors of trees in the city – Foliage 02

The green of EXPO a year later

Lawn and rails in the city

Summer flowering in the Aegean sea

Summer colors in Milan – vol. 4 – August

Spring colors in Milan – vol. 2

Spring colors in Milan – vol. 1

Via Palmanova, Milan – alternating Cedrus and Prunus, then Forsythia

The green of Milan Island Quarter 02 – Trees

The Green of the Island 03 – The degradation of the flowerbeds of Via Borsieri from 2012 to today

Autumn colors of trees in the city of Milan – Foliage 01

Alpine goat in Val Malenco – Campo Moro Aggregate deposit Crag

The micropropagation of the rose – Laboratory of Villa Cortese (MI)

Blueberry micropropagation – Arboreal Cultivation Institute (MI)

Graduate Exam Commissioner 2003/2004

Myplant&Garden 2016


Colors at EXPO

The urban vegetable garden in piazza Duomo, Milan

Squirrel (in Chiesa in Valmalenco)

“Vita in Campagna, Garden Show” – Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza

The Kalymnos circus

Match SNAM Metanopoli with Italian National World Champion 1982

Graffiti underpass at Porta Garibaldi Station

Milano Fidia – The story of a tree

Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak 5895 m – Machame route

Green parking lot

The micropropagation of the artichoke in the Valle del Sele (SA)

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